Why we should go for Handloom ?


👉 Authencity

👉 Sustainability

👉 Long Lasting

👉  Elegancy

All will say about above qualities but I want to figure out about some other  things.

Nowadays Banaras is such a place where you can get different types of silk and weaving sarees. They are making Banarasi, making Patola, even Paithani , Jamdani and many more. What do you think ? These Sellers from Banaras are substitute of God ? They can make anything anytime ?

Weavers acquire knowledge or gain skill of Weaving by a imitative learning process generation through generation. They are poor, simple and honest. They never go to any fashion or textile school.  So it’s natural that a jamdani weaver acquires  the skill to weave jamdani from his forefathers. Then how can he learns patola or Paithani or any other art ? Yes he can but he needs training. And in our country Gov never thinks about the betterment of education in any field because we are buying education but not gaining it. This is a part of my story and a moral also that it’s impossible to produce everything from a particular region or by specific weavers.

2nd important thing is climate…. These hand weaving cluster needs particular atmosphere for a particular product. For example, Bengal climate supports the muslin fabric and that fabric is very famous for Jamdani saree. It needs a certain humid weather and it can be possible in Bengal and Bangladesh also. That’s the reason why muslin and jamdani sarees are being famous here

So here the point is if by any chance a weaver gains all the weaving technique then how can he manipulate the climate ? So it’s not possible.

But in Benaras and Surat everything is possible because they are making only replica powerloom products, even leave the discrimination between Handloom and Powerloom ? What’s wrong with Power loom if the fabric is good.

No dear, power loom can’t serve you genuinity of fabric because Power loom can’t tolerate the sophiistication of fine fabric.

We always think to take healthy food, do somany things to detoxify our body but why we careless about clothes !  You know guys , even threads have toxins !!!  There are so many records where pregnant women have issues with newborn because of this fabric toxins.

So please think about it.

If you purchase a power loom or mill-woven fabric, it normally comes in polyester or artificial fibre, which is not skin-friendly, particularly in India’s hot and humid climate. However, in a handwoven fabric, the spacing has been done in a way to suit the weather in our country.

What should you buy ? What should you avoid !!! Be wise🙂🙂

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  1. Indian Handloom is a wide range of Handwoven Cluster. This art needs help and supports. People should understand .

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