Fulia Cotton -Lemon Tree


Fulia Cotton -Lemon Tree




Habaspuri saree of Kalahandi is popular among handloom connoisseurs for its unique designs but there are not enough weavers willing to carry the weaving tradition forward. Mostly woven with cotton and silk, these sarees were originally produced by members of Kandha tribe in Habaspur village of the district during the 19th century.

When the dynastical rule declined, the tribals stopped weaving the sarees but later on, the saree was revived by master weaver Ugrasen Meher in Chicheguda. Weavers of the village then began producing the saree that is considered unique in the textile tradition of the State because of designs like Kumbha (temple), fish and flowers that are woven into the sarees. Subsequently, the Government formed the Chicheguda handloom cooperative society to look after the training of weavers and marketing of the final products. It got a Geographical Indication tag in 2012-2013.

Here , we depicted Traditional Habbuspuri Design In this Fulia Cotton Saree.

##Weave Type Fulia Handloom

##Weave Type Habbuspuri

##Material Pure Mercerized Cotton

##Length 6.4 mtr Including Blouse Piece

##Width 48 inches

##Blouse available in Running Fabric

##Colour Greenish Tone Lemon Yellow


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